What you will learn: ·   

The three Day NLP Business Practitioner Course is purpose fit to enhance the communication skills of all business people.

You will learn methods to  

·          Improve your communication skills

·          Influence with integrity

·         Build stronger and more resourceful teams and staff members

·         Enhance your leadership skills

·         More effectively participate in win-win negotiation and problem solving sessions 

Master practitioner Chris Adlam and Gayle McLennan-Smith will introduce you to NLP principles to promote your business success  


Topics include       

  • What is NLP ?
  • What is NLP

  • Level of leadership

  • Primitive mind

  • Filters

  • Presupposition of NLP

  • Rapport   

  • Mind read vs presupposition 

  • Sensory acuity

  • Submodalities 

  • States and Anchoring  

  • Logical level

  • Milton model

  • Metaphors

  • Values

  • Meta programs ( motivation strategy/ styles)  

  • Mind Frames  

  • Perceptual positions  

  • Questions

  • Sleight of mouth ( Handling Objections)